Black Friday & Cyber Monday Shopping Guide 2014

What Stores Are Best For Black Friday Online

Black Friday 2014 Online Shopping GuideIf you are wondering what stores are best for Black Friday online (November, 28), maybe this will help you. There are a variety of stores that have sales online during Black Friday. Some of these stores are Walmart, Best Buy, Target, Kohl’s, and Amazon.

In 2013 there were many deals to be had. This will likely be true in 2014.

Here are some of the deals that took place in 2013 though. For Walmart, The start time for the specials online started Friday morning. It included door busters on some online exclusive items and free shipping on electronics order that were $45 or more. For Best Buy, the start time started at midnight. There were door busters on TVs, laptops, and more.

There was also free shipping on everything. For Target, the start time was Thanksgiving morning. It had a limited selection of door busters and free shipping on orders with a Target Red Card. For Kohl’s, the start time was early Thanksgiving morning. They had an assortment of door busters and if you used their coupon code you would’ve saved an additional 15% off of your purchase.

They also had free shipping with a $50 purchase. As for Amazon, they had a full week of sales that started Monday, November 24. They had an assortment of lightning deals available and free shipping for orders that were $25 or over. They also had free 2 day shipping with Amazon Prime members.

Some of the hot deals you could find online last year were deals on movies, TVs, luggage, bikes, computers, kitchen appliances, clothing, and more. These deals could be found easily by going to websites like Walmart, Amazon, Kohl’s, Target, and Best Buy.

So if you are interested in doing Black Friday Online in 2014, there are many to be had that are just waiting for you.

Prepare For Black Friday & Cyber Monday Online Shopping

Amazon Black Friday 2014Black Friday is widely acknowledged as among the busiest days for shopping during the year. Throughout this time, internet and brick and mortar retailers offer block busting deals for this period with big price reductions on virtually every product. Shoppers have to negotiate crowds of countless of people bumping into each other, shoulder to shoulder, to enjoy the full benefits of these specific offers. So, it is always sensible to look on the internet to learn how to prepare for Black Friday online shopping.

Write a list of every item you plan to buy. Then, organize that list by placing the most important items at the top. Following this, write a list of every well known retail store on the web which has the items you wish to buy. These could include Amazon, Best Buy, Target, etc. Certainly, this will ensure your online shopping becomes simpler and less daunting.

Compare the price of each product by visiting websites like PriceGrabber or Bizrate. This advice alone will save you lots of time and assist you in discovering the best possible prices. Watch out for the different retail ads each week and look through some online catalogs. Several retailers offer substantial discounts on particular hand picked items, which are normally displayed in their online catalogs.

Online vouchers serve as the perfect accompaniment to all the deals available on Black Friday. So, it pays to get hold of these if you can. Over the holidays, many online stores offer special price reductions on purchases to attract as many customers as possible.

By utilizing some promotional coupons, you can save some of your hard earned money on lots of discounted packages. Online vouchers have always been a great way of making big savings at any time of the year. Thus, they are particularly useful on Black Friday.